These general conditions form an integral part of the contract. The villas are private properties. The management of these properties is entrusted to Les Résidences du Soleil, which acts as agent.

  1. The reservation of your villa

The sending of the reservation sheet implies the acceptance of our sales conditions and GDPR. The option is valid for 8 days

By signing the contract and/or paying the deposit you are happy to accept these general conditions and the various additional conditions inserted in the contract.

The villa can be pre-reserved by phone, by text or by electronic/Internet connection. The reservation request becomes an option when the information form is completed and received by Les Résidence du Soleil and confirmed by writing through a rental agreement (contract). The reservation is final upon receipt of the deposit.

The numbers, names and details of all the new questions must be communicated at a later date.

Any change in  the reservation must be notified PER WRITING.

The purchase contract must be returned signed to Les Résidences du Soleil.

Due to the regular maintenance of the villa and its green spaces, the photos of the location are not contractual.

  1. Terms of payment

For reservations made more than 30 days before the start of the stay, a deposit of 25% of the rent must be paid as well as the administration fee (50 euros, non-refundable).

The balance of your stay must be paid no later than 30 days before the start of your arrival.

For reservations made less than 30 days before the start of the stay, full payment of the

stay must be made at the time of booking.

Payment for additional services, cleaning fees and security deposit is due 14 days before the start of your stay.

The entire rental amount must be received by Les Résidences du Soleil before the start of your stay to have permission to access the villa.

All travel documents and reserved property details will be available within 14 days of delivery.

Our rental prices include:

Rental of the villa, access to the swimming pool and/or Spa, weekly cleaning of the swimming pool and/or spa (this may have been done on your arrival day), the necessary equipment for the number of people corresponding to the category of accommodation chosen, the location for the vehicle, wifi, water consumption.

Our prices do not include:

Animals, cleaning costs, administrative fees, consumption costs (electricity etc.). The calculation of consumption costs is carried out by meter reading. In the event of a price increase linked to consumption costs or other variable prices, we are entitled to increase accordingly the amount of the relevant fees and costs which are invoiced to you.

Bed and bathroom linen, baby beds and chairs, strollers and any other additional rental services.

Failure to consume optional services reserved and invoiced at the place of your stay will not give rise to any reimbursement.

The tourist tax must be paid before entrance and is not included in the rent. Its amount, determined per person and per day, varies depending on the villa and could be modified during the year.

  1. Security deposit

Les Résidences du Soleil requires a deposit for each reservation. The amount of this deposit is mentioned on the reservation contract. The deposit must be paid 14 days before entering the premises by bank transfer. In the event of late payment of the deposit, Les Résidences du Soleil has the right to refuse access to the property.

Cleaning fees are mandatory for all villas. This obligation to pay cleaning fees, out of respect for our maintenance teams, does not exempt you from leaving the villa in a minimum state of cleanliness (trash bins emptied, dishes washed, barbecues cleaned and emptied). If this has not been done, we reserve the right to charge you for this additional working time for our maintenance staff.

In the event of damage observed, we will notify you and then withdraw the necessary amount from the deposit.

The tenant receives a “rental report” a few days after their departure with the amount of consumption (calculation according to meter reading), any damage, last minute rental services, etc.

The deposit is returned within 14 days of the tenant’s departure, after deduction of compensation withheld, consumption costs, any damage caused, unpaid services and/or loss of keys or loss of the trash card.

  1. Arrival and departure

Arrival and departure days are Saturday and Sunday (variable depending on the villa) unless otherwise indicated or expressly agreed between the parties.

The keys are presented in the villa’s key safe (unless otherwise mentioned in writing to the tenant). The code for this safe will be given to you on the day of your arrival by SMS or Whatts app.

Arrival time is 5 p.m. unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties. If, however, the house is ready before, this will be indicated to you by text message on the day of your arrival.

On the day of departure, the tenant must leave the villa before 9.30 a.m. In high season (July and August), the tenant must leave the villa before 8.30 a.m.

You must leave keys in the key safe upon check-out.

  1. Cancellation of the reservation

Any cancellation must be made in writing (by email preferably to The tenant receives a cancellation confirmation from Les Résidences du Soleil in return.

If canceled up to 12 weeks before the rental start date, only the booking fee will be charged. The amount of the deposit will be refunded to the tenant.

In the event of cancellation between 12 and 9 weeks preceding the rental period, the reservation fees and the deposit of 25% of the total rental amount are due.

In the event of cancellation within 9 weeks preceding the rental period, the reservation fees as well as 100% of the total rental amount are due.

Early departures before the end of the rental period do not entitle the tenant to a refund of the amount paid.

If you do not show up at the place of your stay, we will withhold compensation equal to 100% of the total amount of your reservation.

We recommend that our tenants take out cancellation insurance and travel insurance from an insurance company.

We cannot be held responsible for fortuitous events, force majeure, climatic events, legal or administrative decisions which disrupt, interrupt or prevent the stay.

  1. Internal regulations

The rented villa and its outbuildings can only be occupied by the people mentioned in the rental contract. Only with written confirmation from Les Résidences du Soleil it is authorized to invite additional people.

The tenant must respect the villa and its inventory with the greatest care. The inventory of the villa is considered compliant. Any damage or incorrect operation (caused or not caused by the tenant) must be reported to Les Résidences du Soleil within 36 hours after taking possession of the premises. Failing this, the premises and equipment are deemed to be compliant and in good condition.

In the event that any urgent repairs falling to the owner must be carried out during the rental, Les Résidences du Soleil will make every effort to have the necessary repairs carried out.

In each villa, pillows and duvets are always available to tenants.

Smoking is not permitted in the villa. The ashtrays are intended for outdoors.

Each villa has a tenant book in which they can find all information relating to the villa and its environment.

It is prohibited to throw any object into the bathtubs, sinks or toilets which could obstruct the pipes, failing which the tenant will be liable for the costs incurred for the restoration of the pipes or septic tank.

The tenant must ensure that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed.

It is prohibited to organize parties in the villa, unless authorized in writing by Résidences du Soleil.

To avoid the risk of overheating, damaging electrical installations or causing a fire, electric car charging is only authorized if the villa is actually equipped with a vehicle charging station.

It is possible that, during your stay, a member of our team may need access to the property to carry out regular maintenance and/or repairs. The tenant is not authorized to refuse this person access to the house. The tenant is always informed of the date and time of this information (except for the staff taking care of the swimming pools; information concerning their intervention time can be requested by email).

Our villas are equipped with internet (wifi). Les Résidences du Soleil cannot under any circumstances guarantee its proper functioning.

A barbecue is available to tenants in most villas. It is the tenants’ responsibility to ensure safe management and use of the barbecue. It is also the tenants’ responsibility to leave the barbecue and its surroundings clean (cleaning the barbecue is not included in the obligatory end-of-stay cleaning). We are entitled to charge 25 euros deductible from the deposit when the Barbecue is not left clean at the end of the stay.

You may occasionally be exposed to unexpected noise from construction work near the villa, neighbors, road traffic or other unexpected noise. We decline all responsibility in the event of such noise pollution.

Some owners allow animals access to the villas. In villas where animals are not accepted, Résidences du Soleil or the owner cannot guarantee that no animal has stayed in the villa. We decline all responsibility in the event of allergic or asthmatic reactions following the presence of animals in the villa.

When the tenant wishes to bring their pet, this must be mentioned in the rental contract. A fee of 35 euros will be charged. In the event of excrement found on the ground, we give ourselves the right to charge 50 euros for the collection of excrement, deductible from the deposit. The tenant is responsible for any damage caused by animals.

The swimming pools are generally used from the beginning of May to the end of October. Some houses have heated swimming pools. These heaters are turned off in July/August (unless expressly requested by tenants). The heaters are activated in May, June, September and October. The heaters cannot be deactivated during this period. Electricity consumption costs are the responsibility of the tenant.

Once a week, an employee of our team maintains the swimming pool. This maintenance consists of cleaning, checking the installation and water treatment. The day of this interview can be communicated to you upon request. The tenant is not authorized to operate the technical installation of the swimming pool himself. Children who cannot swim must wear armbands. In any case, supervision of children remains the responsibility of the parents.

All swimming pools are equipped with an alarm or a security cover or security barrier. It is the tenant’s responsibility to check ue the safety device is in working order. In the event of a malfunction, the tenant must report it to our team. Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool. Les Résidences du Soleil may be required to occasionally close the swimming pool in the event of unforeseen technical problems or prefectural order.

In the event of an accident and/or unforeseen event (maintenance/repairs), Résidences du Soleil or the owner cannot be held responsible.

When the villas have a spa, children must always be accompanied by their parents when using it. The Spa is maintained once a week by a member of the Résidences du Soleil staff. This maintenance consists of cleaning, checking the installation and water treatment. The day of this interview can be communicated to you upon request. The tenant is not allowed to turn off the jacuzzi, but can adjust the temperature, jets and fan from the control panel. 

  1. Seguro 7. Rental insurance

The customer is required to check with his insurance company that he has a resort extension as part of his home insurance contract. If he does not have this extension, the tenant must take out insurance against the risks linked to his occupation of the villa: theft, loss, damage to personal effects, accident. His insurance must also include insurance for damage that he could cause in the villa or on its land, by him, his animals or those accompanying him.

  1. Complaint

 Complaints regarding the cleaning condition of the villa must be reported immediately. Other complaints concerning damage or defects in the accommodation must be reported as soon as possible and no later than 48 hours after taking possession of the premises or discovering the damage or defect noted. We will provide a quick and adequate solution to your problem. After this period, no complaints will be taken into account and you may be held responsible upon departure for any damage or missing items.

Complaints must be made directly to Les Résidences du Soleil by email to the following address:

Complaints not satisfactorily resolved must be reported in writing to Les Résidences du Soleil within 14 calendar days following the end of the rental period. In the event of a subsequent complaint, the tenant loses his possible right to compensation.

The tenant’s claims for damages can never exceed the rent and must be supported by evidence in the form of witness statements and photos.

Our liability is limited to direct economic losses only. We decline indirect or moral damages.

In the event of a dispute, the competent courts are those of the country in which the villa is located and the applicable law is French law.


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