Résidence du Soleil - Team

Make your dream come true

We are an enthusiastic team that helps and guides you in «everything» that you need to make your dream come true. We take  are of your purchase or sale of your villa, seasonal rental of your villa, maintenance and care of your home, garden and swimming pool and if desired we do renovations and new construction.
We can also guide you in all situations, administrative acts of all kinds and advice on tax and legal issues. All in all, we offer a  complete package tailored to your specific wishes and issues. All this of course with the necessary attention for you as a person and we guarantee the quality of our services. In this brochure you can read more about our typical working methods.

Summer rental

Our owners

Beautiful villas, fully furnished, views, private swimming pools and of course clean and well maintained. From the first contact with our guests until the end of the holiday, we ensure that everything is taken care of to perfection. Our guests will have a wonderful holiday in this beautiful region and will be happy to come back for another unforgettable experience. We look forward to seeing you again in one of our fantastic holiday villas.

Our tenants

You have a beautiful villa in the South of France and want to rent it out ? We offer a complete package for the summer rental. This starts with inspecting your villa, what it takes to present it in its entirety for a good rental, tuning in to what the ‘guests’ want, right up to the reservations and final rental of your property. We guide our guests from the first contact with us to the return home after their holiday so that we create an optimal bond with our rental organization. In addition, we take care of the financial settlement of the rental and of course we offer you a varied offer in connection with the maintenance of the villa, swimming pool and garden. Everything can be tailored to your wishes and requirements.

Our goal is to create an ideal situation for both the owner and the tenant for an optimal summer rental.

Home sales

For many it is a dream : a beautiful villa abroad.
The beautiful surroundings make «le sud de la France» the perfect destination for your (second) home. It is a great place to relax and is known for the ideal place for true bon vivants!
Therefore let yourself be seduced by our fantastic beautiful range of (holiday) villas.
We gladly take the time to listen to your wishes. Let us know what you are looking for.
With our experience, knowledge and passion we will turn your dream into a reality.


Our company has a department that deals with maintenance and service. Maintenance of swimming pools, garden and villas as well as the provision of service for tenants (bed linen, towel packages, high chairs etc).
The quality and attention that this maintenance and service requires is guaranteed by our experienced team. A direct, internal link is used to briefly switch to act immediately.
We also take care of repairs, odd jobs, replacing devices and all other incidents so that progress does not stagnate.
In addition, we do renovation, renovations and new construction of the house, swimming pool and garden. After a good diagnosis, we come up with a plan of action and a step-by-step plan for the execution of the works you require.