In order to improve your stay, we have a rental service for household linen, parasols, etc.

Article Price
Towel 14.50pp
Bedlinnen 12.00 pp
Kitchenset (dishcloth, towel,) 12.50pp
Beach towel 7.50 pp
Extra parasol 17.50pw
Hignchair 22.50pb
Childbed 22.50pb
Playpen 22.50pb
Buggy 22.50pb
Ventilator 15.00pw
Bathrobe 15.00 pp
Extra bed (incl, bedlinnen) 77.50pb
Inbetween cleaning huse 30.00 ph
inbetween changing bedlinnen 14.50pp

Pp = per persoon, pb = per booking, pw = per week, ph = per hour