1. Terms and Conditions
These general conditions apply to all reservations and bookings at the Residence du Soleil
Residence du Soleil mediates in the vacation rentals from private owners (hereinafter referred to as "owner").
Person (s) who enters into lease agreement with Residence du Soleil is hereinafter mentioned as "Tenant (s)".
By sending a reservation, the prospective tenant confirms to have read and agree to the general conditions and any different or additional conditions.
Prices quoted are per week and has taken place after the final booking confirmation by the tenant and by Residence du Soleil.
Rental periods run from Saturday to Saturday unless otherwise stated or agreed.
Under the villa (the "villa") shall mean the appropriate house site and others such as: swimming pool, outbuildings, inventory, tools and all belonging to the relevant property (movable) cases. In some cases, there are certain areas closed to the tenant. These spaces are therefore unable to rent and aren’t indicated in the description of the villa.
  1. Arrival and departure
The Saturday is the changeover day in most cases.
On the changeover day, you can collect the key at our office between 17.00 and 20.00 Arrival after 20:00 is possible in exceptional cases and the cost shall be charged to the tenant.
If the tenant uses the key service, the key is present in the key safe of the villa. The code of this safe is send to the tenant on the day of his arrival. Arrival in these villas is after 17.00 hours. You must call to report the arrival in the villa.
The tenant has to leave the villa on the last day before 9.30 hours. Departure time in July and August is 8.00 hours. The key must be present at last at 12.00 at our office. Opening hours of our office on the changeover day is 8.00 to 20.00. At departure time before these hours, the tenant has to make contact with the office in order to arrange key collection.

3. Reservation, booking and payment
The tenant can make a reservation by telephone, in writing or by email. The option on the lease is fixed once the booking form duly completed has received by Residence du Soleil and is confirmed in writing within 24 hours by Residence du Soleil. After the reception of the down payment the option is transfers in a definitive reservation. If the villa appears not to be available the lease expires.
Residence du Soleil confirms the negotiated lease by email. As a single reservation coasts are Euro 35, - calculated.
After receiving the confirmation the tenant receives a payment invoice for 25% of the total rent and within seven day the payment must be on the bank account of Residence du Soleil. For the remaining 75% of the total rent, the tenant  receive nine weeks before the rental period the bill of Residence du Soleil and must be paid no later than eight weeks remaining before the start of the rental period. The deposit, reservations coast and additional must be paid two weeks in advance.
For bookings within 8 weeks before the holiday the total rent must be paid at once (the deposit and others, 2 weeks before the rental period).
At all times the full amount must be received by Residence du Soleil before allowing access to the house.
Failure to comply with the payment Residence du Soleil will send a warning letter. The amount has to be transferred at once or by telephone. If 7 days after sending the notice no payment is received, Residence du Soleil reserves the right to regard the contract as canceled. Residence du Soleil than bills the tenant the cancellation fee.
After paying the entire amount and the deposit the tenant receives the travel documents approximately 1 week before the rental period. This includes the address of the house, directions, office address, general conditions and specific arrangements and details of the reserved property.
Any bank charges associated with payments between tenants and Residence du Soleil is always borne by the tenant.
Residence du Soleil is authorized to change booking prices, if between the dates of price change and booked period are at least six months. The tenant will be informed. If a price increase, the tenant has the opportunity to cancel. Payments done by the tenant concerning this reservation will be refunded except the reservation fee.

5. Deposit
In all cases, a deposit has to be paid. The amount of the deposit is on the invoice.
The deposit will be refunded after expenses for electricity, damage, breakage, etc.  is settled. This refund will take place within 2 weeks after departure and is paid into a bank account indicated by the tenant.
            5. Change costs
Any modification by the tenant of the booking agreement must be confirmed in writing by Residence du Soleil. Any change of booking up to 4 weeks before the rental period coast the tenant 75 Euros.
If the tenant changes the booking within 4 weeks before the rental period, the cancellation provisions of Article 7 shall apply.

6. Additional costs
The tenant has the obligation to regulate the end of the villa cleaning by Residence du Soleil. Costs in this are listed on the site of the villa and stated on the invoice of the reservation.
In addition to renting the villa the tenant can rent related items. The types and prices of these items are listed on the site of the villa. The pre-leased items will be stated on the invoice of the reservation.
Related articles can also be rented after booking the villa. This is not a teaching of the booking but a complement and will not entail additional booking fee. The price for these additional items will be billed on the final bill. If the additions are made after paying the final invoice, the payment is made to take place during the arrival at the office of Residence du Soleil.
It is possible on the day of arrival or during the rental period to rent related articles. Payment of these items should be done at the office.

7. Modification / Cancellation
Canceling has to be done in writing during business hours to cancel. A cancellation after office hours is deemed to have been made on the next business day (Monday / Friday, except holidays). The tenant will receive a confirmation of cancellation made by him.
If the tenant is forced to cancel his stay, he may, under certain conditions, provide another similar tenant. There is a new lease be drawn up, which change fee of 75 Euro will be charged. After evaluation of this new reservation Residence du Soleil send a written confirmation to the new tenant.
If canceled up to 10 weeks before the rental period the reservation fee are due.
If canceled within 10 weeks before the rental period, the reservation fee and 40% of the total rent are due. If canceled within 8 weeks before the rental period, the reservation fee and 100% of the total rent are due.
Early departures from the tenant rented property, the total rent is due.
We recommend cancellation insurance and travel insurance (see article 11).
If fulfillment of the lease by Residence du Soleil, due to significant circumstances cannot reasonably be complied by Residence du Soleil, Residence du Soleil has the t right to amend the agreement. Such circumstances arise, for example in case of death of the owner, sales, serious damage to the property or in cases of force majeure caused by war, strike, natural disaster or exceptional weather conditions. That amendment will include that Residence du Soleil has to provide a similar property of similar value, or refund the already paid rent and deposit. Liability for damages will not be accepted by Residence du Soleil.
            8. Others:
Capacity: The rented house and the land may only be occupied by the persons mentioned in the lease. Only with written consent of Residence du Soleil the tenant is allowed to invite others than the persons mentioned on the reservation form in a rented villa or its property.  Violations of the above mean that tenants are due to pay a fine of 150 Euros per day per "illegal" person.
Cleaning: The cleaning of the villa after the rent is obligated. In addition, the tenant has to leave the entire house neat and tidy behind. It is possible the let the house be cleaned during your stay. For more information, contact our office.
Garbage: The renter is responsible for the proper storage and disposal of domestic waste (instructions are listed in the tenant book).
Inventory: The tenant has to treat the villa and its inventory with the greatest care. Any damage or malfunction (or not caused by tenant) must be transferred immediately to Residence du Soleil.
Linen: Residence du Soleil offers linen and towels (with charge). Even where people take their own linen and towels there are always blankets and pillows available. Beach or pool towels are for the tenant himself to take. A set of towels for one person usually consists of: 1 large, 1 small towel and a washcloth. A linen package of one person usually consists of: duvet cover, mattress cover, bottom sheet and pillowcase. It is possible to have a changeover of your linen during your stay. For more information, contact our office.
Smoking: It is not allowed to smoke in the villa. If present, ashtrays are intended for outdoor.
Tenant Book: Each villa has a tenant book in which everything is stated as well as important phone numbers and other.
Staff: It is possible that, during the stay of the tenants, staff should have access to the property to perform regular maintenance or repairs the tenant is not allowed to refuse such persons access to the house or grounds.
Internet: Many homes are equipped with (wireless) internet. Residence du Soleil cannot guarantee its operation.
BBQ: in all the villas there is a BBQ available for the tenants. It is the responsibility of tenants to ensure safe management of the BBQ. It is also the responsibility of the tenants to clean the BBQ and its surroundings. On a breach of this obligation is a fee of 25 per BBQ deductible on the caution.
Pets: Some owners are allowing pets in the villa. In all cases the inclusion of a pet, the amount and type, has to be notified when booking. Extra cleaning fee 35 euro per pet is charged (stated on the booking form). The tenant must ensure that pets have no access to swimming pools, bedrooms, or furniture. The pets are not allowed to be let out on the grounds of the villa. Failure to clean up the excrement of animals by the tenant is fined 150 Euros and will be deducted from the deposit. With no sign of a pet a fine of 100 Euros is due per day per pet. If pets are allowed the tenant is liable for any damages caused by pets.
Pool: The pools are normally in use mid May to late September. Some homes have heated pools so that water can be used earlier and later in the season with a pleasant temperature. Almost always, this heating system is disconnected in July and August. Once per week there will be an employee of Residence du Soleil maintaining the pool. This maintenance is cleaning, inspection of the installation and water treatment. The day of this maintenance is in the tenant book. This employee may enter the premises unannounced because not everywhere is the ability to report (no doorbell or similar).The tenant is not allowed himself to operate the technical installation of the pool. Children under 14 may only be supervised by an adult using the pool. Well supervised, a child who cannot swim has to use a life jacket. Pets don’t have access to the pool. All pools must by law be provided with an approved alarm, discharge around or hard cover. Even if an unauthorized person enters the area and crashed into the pool, the owner or the user (tenant) of the property is held liable unless the prescribed safety measures were taken (alarm, gate closed, etc.). Exceptionally the pool or its heater cannot be used due to maintenance or repair. In case of accidents, unforeseen circumstances (maintenance or repair) Residence du Soleil or the landlord / owner can never be held liable.

9. Liability
 Residence du Soleil does not accept liability for damage, injury or inconvenience to / from the tenant as a result of / or in connection with his stay in the villa. Residence du Soleil does not accept any liability for: - theft, loss or damage of any kind, during or following a stay in a villa, break down or disabling of equipment, errors or mistakes on the website or other publications issued by Residence du Soleil.
Construction activities nearby the rented villa are not foreseeable and Residence du Soleil cannot be held responsible for disruption of the rental period.
The tenant is liable for any loss / damage to the rented property and its inventory, whether as a result of his own acts or by a third party who is in the villa with the consent of the tenant. Damage to the villa and its surroundings is allocated to the tenant, unless it proves otherwise. It is important for the tenant to have an AVP (Liability Insurance Residential), where Residence du Soleil assumes that the tenant has one. The tenant indemnifies Residence du Soleil of the obligation to pay damages to the owner for damage to the house in consequence of or during the stay of the tenant. The same applies to damage caused by and payable to third parties.
If for any reason Residence du Soleil is liable for damages, limits the amount of damages to be paid solely to the amount of the rent.
Residence du Soleil cannot be held responsible for inconveniences or defects of the property through no fault of Residence du Soleil. If discomfort and disorders are essential for the agreement and Residence du Soleil is to blame here, the maximum loss is limited to the amount of the rent.
All pools must be provided, by French law, with an approved security system like an alarm, discharge around or (semi-) hard cover. Tenant is required to activate the alarm, separation, or closing the cover to the pool when not in use. If any of these facilities are not functioning correctly, this should be passed by immediately at Residence du Soleil.
If in the event of war, strikes or other extraordinary circumstances (weather) the reason are that Residence du Soleil cannot fully comply at his obligations, the lease may be terminated by them without the tenant being entitled to claim compensation.
In response to the possibility of the occurrence of natural disasters (eg floods, forest fires), the French government has decided that large parts of southern France has to be regarded as an area with increased risk of natural disasters. Therefore, the tenant has to assume that each offered Villa by Residence du Soleil is in such a zone. Residence du Soleil assumes no responsibility for any consequences of such events. The tenant should always behave in such a way that his or her actions can not cause any fire.

10. Complaints
For complaints during the stay, the tenant will promptly contact Residence du Soleil. Early departures (without consultation and written agreement) from the rented villa, the total rental fee are due and absolve Residence du Soleil from any form of compensation.
Complaints not satisfactorily resolved, must be made within 1 week after termination of the rented period to be reported in writing to Residence du Soleil. In later submission of complaints to the tenant loses any right to compensation.
Compensations don’t exceed the rent and complaints must be accompanied by evidence in the form of witness statements and photographs.
All disputes with Residence du Soleil are hold by the French law.
11. Insurance cancellation + damage to accommodation and lodgings
The Cancellation is recommended as well as responsibility insurance. Maybe your current insurance covers your holidays. Ask your own insurance agent to check this or to install a holiday insurance to cover your responsibility.